Blog written by Phil Best, Broker at Premier Properties of Dublin. 

Cile and I were just talking about how hot it is outside! But you know, it’s August!

When we were kids, August was still very much part of summer. Now, school starts back nearly the first week of August, and we still have some Summer left to labor through. So many things have changed like that.

I saw an old picture of some 10-12 year old boys on the back of a truck in a hay field loading up hay. That was me! I wasn’t the only one either. There were lots of other friends and family members participating and joining in on the fun! Thank God for that experience. I learned so much and made some lifelong friends in the hay fields.

I think back about some of the gentlemen that allowed me to work in their fields. I don’t mean this sarcastically, but those men knew what they were doing… They were training us “young-ins” for adulthood. Just to name a very few of these gentlemen, it was men like Dr. Billy McRae, Mr. Henry Williams, and my brother Jack who gave me these opportunities. Anyway, I’m just reminiscing about times gone by and hoping my grandson, Beau, gets the same opportunities in whatever today’s hay fields are.

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