Recently, David Wood, Realtor® at Premier Properties of Dublin, shared a series on “How to Boost Your Odds of Having Your Offer Accepted” on his social media accounts. These tips are helpful for all homebuyers, and we wanted everyone to have access to this useful information.

Tip #1: The best thing you can do to boost your odds is to make an ALL CASH offer.
  • This means you would not use a loan to finance your house, you would pay with all cash. Sellers love not having to deal with banks.

We know that making an all cash offer isn’t realistic for everyone, so the remaining tips will be helpful for you if you will need to finance even a portion of your new home’s cost.

Tip #2: For the second tip, David recommends getting pre-approved for your loan.
  • Sellers usually prefer the offer that is most likely to close. If you’ve been pre-approved, a seller (and their agent) will know that you will be able to receive the loan you’re requesting, and that will give them peace of mind.
  • It’s also important to note that with houses selling so quickly, if you wait to get approved, the home you want may no longer be available.

Tip #3: Offer more than the competition.
  • The closer you’re able to offer to the list price, the higher your likelihood of having your offer accepted.
  • In addition to the price you offer, there are also other ways to beat out competing offers. If you’re willing to pay closing costs and other costs associated with selling a home, this will make your offer more desirable.

Tip #4: Try to make the entire process as easy on the seller as possible.
  • If possible, avoid requesting unnecessary repairs. This will delay things and may be something the makes the seller decide to pass on your offer.
  • Also, try to include as few contingencies as possible. Certainly, do not put yourself in a bind, but if applicable, do not weigh your offer down with contingencies.

Tip #5: Build rapport with the seller.
  • Provide the seller with proof of funds. This will add validation to your offer.
  • Writing a personal letter to the seller that goes alongside your offer adds a personal touch and appeals to the emotions of the seller.

Thank you to David Wood for these helpful tips! We’d love to help you find your dream home – give the talented, hardworking team at Premier Properties of Dublin a call today (478-274-1606).

David Wood, Realtor® at Premier Properties of Dublin